ROCCO IOO Mentorship Programme Launches Today

ROCCO’s Mentorship Programme aims to bridge the gap between Expertise and Potential.

Whilst recognising our greatest influencers in the ROCCO IOO study was rewarding in itself we want it to be more, we want to put this great pool of talent to the best possible use of the whole industry … and this is where the mentorship programme comes in.

Our industry has loads of talented people globally but Geography, Gender, Culture and Environment tend to create more challenges for some than others and we strongly believe that ROCCO IOO can help level this playing field.

The programme aims to connect the great potential in our industry who just need a helping hand and guidance from a more experienced person: The ROCCO IOO mentors.

ROCCO would match up the mentees and mentors based on mentees’ needs and mentors’ skills and availability.

We would recommend that they spend at least an hour on an online call every two months, where the mentee can talk about the challenges they are facing and the mentor can guide them.

Over 20 Mentors have come forwards from the ROCCO IOO and we are now looking for the Mentees. Mentees wishing to apply need only follow this link and complete a short survey.