The ROCCO Group

Driven by bringing innovation to telecoms, our businesses each have unique industry roles, with distinct products and services but with the same core values behind them all. We have built this capability to serve and make the telecoms sector prosper.

RESEARCH: Insights

  • Vendor Benchmarking
  • Market Intelligence
  • The Innovators
  • The Sustainability Report


STRATEGY: Consulting

  • Strategic Planning
  • Roaming Build
  • Roaming360 Audit
  • Insight Community
  • Bespoke Research
  • Content Creation


ROCCO U: Training

  • On-Demand Training
  • Live Training
  • On Campus Courses
  • Off Campus Courses
  • Bespoke Courses


About Us

Nothing is so consistent in the telecoms sector as change. Faster, better, cheaper… Our zeal to consume more quality content, wherever we are in the world at a faster pace has turned us into an impatient crowd that stares at screens almost uninterruptedly and fidgets angrily at the smallest sign of a connection hiccup. But we all know that professionally and as businesses we always need to start preparing ourselves for the next step because there’s always another generation and a new buzz to get excited about.

ROCCO has been around since 2012 and from our conception we wanted to be a catalyst for innovation with Research, Strategy and Education that wasn’t biased, sponsored or boring. We now have three companies, and we’re not afraid to start a fourth, if there’s something new to deliver and a challenge to be met.

We create multiple types of reports on Roaming, Messaging and Fraud and Security and we deliver on-demand training and strategic consulting which together provide a rich foundation on which to wage strategic excellence. In telecoms, we face multiple unimaginable scenarios, but we face them with actionable insights, clarity of direction and purpose. Thanks for supporting ROCCO Group.

What We Do

The ROCCO Team

Andy Cheng
Andy ChengSenior Consultant
Chartered professional (CEng MIET) with a specialisation in mobile industry.
Experience in 3G / LTE /IoT, Negotiation, Telecoms, Relationship.
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio RodriguezLead Researcher
Having an economics background, his main strengths are in linking business insights with academic debates for the telecommunications sector.
Desirée Fenix
Desirée FenixGenesis Event Coordinator
Desirée studied advertising and international communications. She coordinates Genesis supporting attendees and sponsors.
Cristina Ruiz
Cristina RuizROCCO U Faculty Coordinator
Cristina studied Business and Administration and I/O Psychology. She optimises the running of ROCCO U supporting students and lecturers.
Anabel Rodríguez
Anabel RodríguezBusiness Administrator
With an international background in administration and customer service, Anabel provides support across all operational aspects of ROCCO Group and manages logistics for Genesis.
Dhiraj Wazir
Dhiraj has spent over 20 years working for Hutchison group, T-Mobile, EE and BT on Roaming Wholesale, Product Management and Retail Propositions.
Francisco Reche
Francisco RecheBusiness Development
Having worked in UN, Francisco has studied business development internationally and specialises in optimising ROCCO Groups performance.
Jason Bryan
Jason has worked in telecoms Roaming and Messaging since 1995 for Vodafone, O2, for vendors and was chair of the GSMA RING and AIR Groups for 4 years.

Group News

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Since 2018 ROCCO RADIO has provided insights from across the globe via its Radio channel programmes, available on Apple, Soundcloud and from this website. Listen up to the latest trends from Mobile Operators, Vendors and from the ROCCO team.

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