Introducing WWW.ROCCO.GROUP Our New Group Website

As part of ROCCO’s 8th anniversary celebrations we present to you our new ROCCO Group website. Presenting a simple way to navigate the three companies which form the ROCCO group.

At HQ we are working on many initiatives, from training courses to reports, from now on we can communicate all our work through a single website.

  • Navigate easily to own reports at Research, check out our audits or consulting products at Strategy and learn about our latest training courses at ROCCO U
  • Experience our group initiatives such as our ROCCO RADIO podcasts and our events at Genesis.
  • Meet the international leadership team behind ROCCO Group
  • and read ROCCO Group news first at the new site.
  • All sites are linked and its easy to navigate through them.

Thanks for supporting ROCCO.Group

For any questions to ROCCO HQ simply contact us at